Spot Dublu Reality TOMMY, excl.2xE14, suport imitatie lemn, ↔ 32,5cm


Stoc epuizat

235,99 lei 293,99 lei

Stoc epuizat

The spots of the TOMMY series stand for a homely light, as textile shades increase the comfort factor and conjure up a cosy ambience.
At the same time, the clear shapes conjure up a modern and simple style that can be used and combined in many different ways.
The two-lamp spot can be used as supplementary or orientation light as well as for small living rooms.
The swivelling heads can be aligned in a targeted manner to deliberately set the scene for individual areas. 
The lamp is made of a black matt metal and is complemented by a fabric shade in the modern colour combination of black and gold.
The additional combination with wood creates stylish lighting accents and gives living spaces an extraordinary feel-good effect.
For energy-saving lighting, it is recommended to use an LED illuminant.
These are an optimal alternative to conventional halogen lamps and stand for a high quality of light and energy savings of up to 80%.
In addition, LED lamps help you benefit from a long service life, low heat generation and at the same time protect the environment.

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Tensiunea de alimentare

220 – 240V

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