Lampadar Trio BURTON, excl.1xE27 , comutator picior, ↕ 171cm


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The luminaires of the BURTON series with their textile shades are the epitome of cosiness.
The homely light, which conjures up a cosy ambience thanks to the two different coloured shades, sets special lighting accents.
The curved floor lamp, which finds its place next to the sofa, can be operated flexibly via a foot switch.
The modern combination of an inner white fabric shade and an outer transparent black plastic shade looks individual as well as refreshing and can be integrated into modern living styles in many ways. For energy-saving lighting, it is recommended to use an LED illuminant.
These are an optimal alternative to conventional halogen lamps and stand for a high quality of light and energy savings of up to 80%. In addition, LED lamps help you benefit from a long service life, low heat generation and at the same time protect the environment.

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220 – 240V

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